Eligibility is as follows for Bikes and Toys

  • Must be stationed at March ARB
  • Rank is limited to E1-E6, O1-O2 Traditional Reservist for Christmas Dinner & Toys. If you are outside this scope, please contact your Chief for a waiver.
  • Must not have received a bike or toys from Project Strong One within the last 365 days. The height of your child is needed to fill a request for a bike. PLEASE SEE THE CHART BELOW
  • Eligible child must be 12 yrs old or younger and is enrolled in the military member’s DEERS
  • If you have more than one child, please submit an entry for each child
  • Please register only for your children and not for other Airman’s children
  • Any questions, please reach out to your Chief or email [email protected]g
  • Registration will close on Tuesday Nov 1, 2022 COB. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED
  • Pick up will be during Dec UTA

Enrollment is open to E1-E6 or O1-O2. If you are outside of these parameters, please contact your Chief for a waiver.
For geographical statistics only
Please select current branch
Please select current status
What unit are you attached to, such as OPS, CE, Maintenace ect
Eligibility requires the child be your immediate dependant/household and enrolled in DEERS
Please select only one option. If you are requesting a BIKE, we will need your child’s height for sizing. Otherwise, without the height information, we will automatically default to a toy selection. PLEASE BE AWARE THERE IS NO GUARANTEE FOR A BIKE. It is based on availability!